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Earlier implemented projects


Efficiency of social services

The objective of this project was to create and implement mechanism of delivering social services which allows delegate some of the governmental functions to the non governmental organizations in Belarus. Visits to Lithuania of the representatives of the public and non governmental sectors were organized; the participants got acknowledged with the Lithuanian public institutions, NGOs, schemes o delivering social services. A model, based on the experience of the EU and Lithuania, of decentralization of social services in Belarus was created. Legal acts which allow Belarusian NGOs’ full participation in the delivering of social services. The employees of the local and State institutions were trained the main capacities and the principles of purchasing services. A tentative purchase of social services was carried out.

Implementation of project “Efficiency in Belarusian NGOs” (efficiency of Belorussian non-governmental organizations)

The objective of the project was to strengthen the Belarusian NGOs by issuing a manual “The Methodology of Effective NGO Management”. This methodology allows evaluating the level of efficiency in the main spheres of the organization management: strategic management, program and project management, public relations and marketing, human relations management and work organizing. Also, recommendations on ensuring organization management efficiency are provided. The methodology was issued in formats of CDs and books.

Government Counterparts

The objective of this project was to create opportunities for young people who are interested in the State governance to actively and constructively influence the decisions made by the governing institutions. The project was a matter of great interest for the young people-potential project participants, and for politicians and public characters.

47 young people have participated in the project. They were instructed the methods of preparing expert analyses, communicating with the media, rendering arguments and suggestions, group work. The young people gained experience by preparing expert analysis which were evaluated and reviewed by publicly known experts and politicians; based on their reviews, the participants developed their skills. The participants purveyed 15 thorough analyses on the fields of State’s economy, social system and environmental protection.

Implementation of project “Pilot youth entrepreneurship centres”

The objective of the project was to create an institutional background for youth entrepreneurship in local municipalities by absorbing good experience.

During a 10-day training, young people from different Lithuanian regions were trained the most efficient methods of entrepreneurship, strategic and time planning, regional youth policy, system of local governance, group work. In relevance to the experience of the main partner – a Swedish organization Communicare – methodology and the needed documentation for youth entrepreneurship development in Lithuania were created. 6 Youth Entrepreneurship Centres in different Lithuanian regions have been established after the project and successfully work up to this day.

Partnership in project “Amelioration of the NGO Legal Basis”

The main objective of this project is to use the positive experience of other countries in order to evaluate the legal basis of the Lithuanian NGOs, to purvey guidelines for its amendment and to initiate changes in the legal system that are beneficent for the development of the non governmental sector.

A team of NGO law experts was organised, which consulted the European Non Profit Law Centre, the government institutions and non governmental organizations, and carried out a thorough analysis of the Lithuanian judicial system. Based on the outcomes of this analysis, law changes will be initiated, which should eliminate the collisions and defects of the current legislation, as well as build the foundations for further stable development of the NGO sector.

Guide for government institutions about non-governmental organizations

The goal of this project is to actualize the participation of non governmental organizations in the process of delivering social services.

The administrational and legal environment of public purchases in Lithuania was evaluated, as far as it is connected with purchasing State purchase of the public services from NGOs. Based on the analysis, a guide for the governmental institutions on NGO funding was issued. The guide was presented in all the Lithuanian districts for the representatives of local and State government institutions, non governmental organizations.

International youth exchange “Realize your dream”

The objective of the project is to raise the intercultural awareness of young people by creating a space for sharing ideas about the goals and dreams of youth that is coming from different countries as well as the opportunities to realize them.

This exchange is about aims and dreams of youngsters of different countries. The idea arose from young people observing the world and people of other countries; we wanted to find out what are similarities and differences of demands, aims and dreams and the ways to live them.

We invited 35 young people from the old (Italy, France) and the new (Slovakia, Lithuania) EU member states and neighbouring countries (Moldova, Belarus, Georgia) acting in Dreams & Reality to this multilateral youth exchange.

We were able to recognize dreams of youngsters form various countries and the ways to live them ourselves. There were be art workshops to express the dreams, also games and working in groups, meeting youth organizations, famous people about realizing dreams.

This project promotes European values, especially youth citizenship and active participation when solving own problems, also tolerance through knowledge about other countries and cultures.

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