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Promotion of cooperation between civil society organizations and local authorities in Belarus, 2013

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Development of the project ‘Promotion of cooperation between civil society organizations and local authorities in Belarus’ was encouraged by particularly relevant, even a global problem – youth unemployment. In 2010, the unemployment rate in the age group up to 25 across the EU reached 20.6 per cent (Eurostat). In Belarus, the rate is even higher – nearly 40% of the registered unemployed are young people. So, in order to foster sustainable economic growth and development, reduce poverty, and greatly contribute to achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, it is necessary to create a full and productive employment for young people.

Entrepreneurship education in many countries is considered as an effective tool for competitiveness, increase in labor productivity and reducing unemployment. However, entrepreneurship is not sufficiently emphasized in formal education organizations. Civil society organizations could fill this niche, but they lack the knowledge and experience in this field, i.e., what can be done by CSOs what can be done by local authorities and the business sector, and in which areas they could cooperate.

The project was aimed at promoting cooperation between civil society organizations, business sector and local authorities in Belarus, empowering them to solve common social and economic problems in the regions. In order to achieve this goal project concentrated to increasing operating efficiency of civil society organizations, improving their institutional and administrative capacity, as well as facilitating their dialogue with business organizations and local authorities in order to address common regional issues and to ensure their sustainable development. Special attention was be given to youth organizations: main partner of the project in Belarus – youth organization.

The aim of the project – contribute to strengthening cooperation between civil society organizations, business organizations and local authorities in order to empower them to solve social and economic problems of regions and to ensure their sustainable development.

Project objectives:
1. Increase the efficiency of CSOs by enabling them to actively engage with business organizations and local and regional authorities in solving problem of youth unemployment in Belarus.
2. To increase awareness and develop a positive attitude towards youth entrepreneurship.

Target groups:
Belarusian civil society organizations, whose representatives will participate in project activities.

1. Belarusian civil society organizations that will use the methodology developed for the improvement of organizational performance.
2. Belarusian regional / local authorities who will have the opportunity to improve their performance by using special tool for administrative and organizational performance improvement.
3. General public, which will benefit from improved services (possibility to learn about entrepreneurship).

1. Enhanced institutional and administrative capacity of civil society organizations.
2. Increased positive attitude towards of youth entrepreneurship, encouraging Belarusian local authorities and the business sector to contribute actively to the development of entrepreneurship in the country.
3. Implemented activities informing about the project and the Lithuanian support for development cooperation.

Implementation period:
2013-04-15 – 2013-11-08.

National Development Institute (Lithuania)
Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Center (Belarus)

Funding sources:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme and partners’ own funds.


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