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Strengthening administrative capabilities of tourism development of municipalities, 2010

The sub-project goal was to strengthen the 10 municipalities in tourism development planning and coordination capacity, to provide their employees with the knowledge of the relevant innovations for public sector in tourism organization.

Lithuanian municipalities have great tourism potential and resources; nevertheless they lack the capacity to effectively implement policy of the municipal tourism development. This problem has two aspects:

The direct beneficiaries of this sub-project were 10 Lithuanian municipalities and municipal employees whose work is related to local tourism development objectives (tourism, culture, sports, investment, spatial planning, public communications, infrastructure, tourism information centers, public festivals, the organizers et al.). In total there were 50 people participating in the sub-project, around 5 employees in a team from each municipality. Indirect beneficiaries were tourists, public service providers, business sector.

After the implementation of the sub-project the participants’ skills in the development of local tourism policies were effectively raised. During the sub-project there were workshops organized for the participants on: “Tourism Innovations”, “Singularity of Municipality and Tourism Development goals”, “Municipal Tourism Development Plan”.

Sponsor: European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants, subsidy scheme “Strengthening Administrative and Public Service Capacities of Local and Regional Authorities and their Institutions” (Capacities Strengthening Fund).

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