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Youth Social Entrepreneurship in Lithuanian and Belarusian Border Region (2011-2012)

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Youth employment is a global challenge. Unemployment rate among those under the age of 25 across Europe hit 21.4% in December 2009 (Eurostat). In Belarus this rate is even higher – almost 40%. Therefore creating full and productive employment for young people is key promoting sustained economic growth, alleviating poverty and delivering the UN Millennium Development Goals. Social entrepreneurship as a way to help ourselves by helping others by creating added value in different environments has the potential to be a viable employment alternative while simultaneously solving some of our biggest social problems. Social entrepreneurship is an intermediate option between traditional business and charity, from traditional business it differs by focusing on social change and social problems, from the charity – its nature of business activities. Social business objectives are achieved by developing a sustainable business model using the organizational principles of social entrepreneurship.

However in Lithuania and Belarus social entrepreneurship is not being taken on board when talking about youth education and training in formal institutions. Therefore young people do not possess attitude, skills and knowledge that allow one to recognize opportunities to create added value (social as well as economical) and actions targeted to use these opportunities. In order to solve common problems, Lithuanian and Belarusian non-governmental organizations with expertise in the field of youth entrepreneurship, decided to pool their forces for joint project “Youth social entrepreneurship in Lithuanian and Belarusian border region.”

Overall objective:
to contribute to promoting youth social entrepreneurship and creativity in the Lithuanian and Belarusian border region.

1. Raised level of personal and social entrepreneurship skills of youth
2. Shared experience and good practices among partners in the field of youth social entrepreneurship and creativity
3. Raised awareness and fostered positive attitude towards youth social entrepreneurship and creativity in the communities of the participating regions
Main outputs:
1. Methodology and training programme for mentors on youth entrepreneurship and creativity
2. Training sessions for youth consultants
4. Consultations for youth on entrepreneurship
5. International camp and conference on youth (social) entrepreneurship
6. ~ 5 business ideas on social entrepreneurship

Target groups:
• Organisations working in a field of youth entrepreneurship
• Youth entrepreneurship consultants
• Youth (16-30 years old) from Utena, Vilnius Counties, Lithuania and from Grodno, Mogilev Oblast and Minsk City

Participating countries:
• Lithuania (Utena and Vilnius county)
• Belarus (Grodno Oblast, Mogilev Oblast and Minsk City).

Implementation period:
15th September, 2011 – 14th December, 2012

Lead Partner:
National Development Institute (Lithuania)
• Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development Center (Belarus)
• Anyksciai Youth Entrepreneurship Center (Lithuania)

• State educational institution „Gymnasium No. 1 Lida“ (Belarus)
• State educational institution „Hodosovskaya school of secondary education“ (Belarus)
• Svencionys Youth Entrepreneurship Center (Lithuania)

Funding sources:
Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 within the Europeand Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument and partners own funds.



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